Pokémon Go Marketing Tips


“Gotta catch ‘em all!” Sound familiar? The Pokémon Go craze is growing at such a rapid rate – why not catch the players as well as Pokémon? Businesses are finding increased benefits to use Pokémon Go as a marketing tool. Per Social Media Examiner, some locations are asking users to share snapshots or videos of Pokémon found at their business, encouraging check-ins by providing incentives, and even providing free Wi-Fi and charging stations for users inside. Check out our tips on how to market using Pokémon Go below:

Use your niche. Pokémon can appear anywhere and anytime, have you thought to market your PokéStops? Churches are opening their doors with pastors playing alongside the other players and resale shops are encouraging them to “catch ‘em all” in style. Good, visible signaMCCI's Katie Rebella caught a signage promotion at the Detroit Zoo over the weekendge and listing a promotion for users has been a good strategy for businesses and organizations. Something that usually would never spark someone’s interest possibly could through first-hand exposure.

Paying it forward. When searching for Pokémon, why not do something to help out? An animal shelter in Indiana requested that players take adoptable dogs on walks while they hunt for Pokémon. Their Facebook page has been sharing pictures of the "PokéDogs" who have been adopted, thanks to the game. Charity Miles, an app that allows people to donate to a variety of charities when you walk or run, can be used while you play as well.

Team-building. Pokémon Go does not just have to be an after-hours activity. Several members of the MCCI team are currently playing the game (one of them is a Level 20!), and with our office being so close to Campus Martius and other Detroit landmarks, walking around hunting Pokémon at lunch has been a great team-building exercise.

If you happen to be downtown in the business district, you can find some good catches in our area – we have three PokéStops within distance. Happy hunting!