PR Isn't what you think it is.


“Public Relations” is a term I don’t particularly care for - though I guess the world is stuck with it.

That may sound strange coming from the CEO of an integrated marketing firm. That's because, unfortunately, PR conjures up public images of spin control and on occasion inauthenticity.

Effective PR initiatives, on the other hand, are ones that use fact-based content, subject matter expertise, credible understanding of the marketplace, and even cause-centered messaging to forge bonds of earned trust with people.

I’d rather create an intimate bond of trust with my audience by proving that trust is merited.

In my opinion, trust can’t be created by simply saying, “Trust me!” It’s something that needs to be developed through getting at the true heart and soul of an organization, and then incrementally revealing that to an appropriate target audience.

Almost everything that has anything to do with communications can be part of a public relations strategy: Media relations. Blog and social media strategies. Web & digital strategies. Video development. Advertising. All those dots can connect to form an effective truth-centered PR strategy.

If you’re talking about having a legitimate and lasting positive relationship with the public  – you’re actually in the business of developing intimate relationships with different groupings of people.

Here at MCCI, we find and frame the truth and strategically explain and present it to our clients' target audiences. Strong content warrants positive, sustained reactions from those who read/listen/view/interact with that content.

That results in....well, results!