Scary Good Video Tips


shutterstock_305148260Making fun and creative videos should be enjoyable, but sometimes the details can bog down creativity. Here are some scary good tips to help create an enjoyable video that you will want to share:

Plan ahead. Write down the one thing you want the viewer to remember after watching your video. Also think about your target demographic. Remember that every good story has a beginning, middle and end. Before you begin, make sure that you think through this with every segment.

Go big. Come up with everything you can think of even if it is beyond your scope. Write it all down and just keep generating ideas.

Time is your friend. Set a timer and focus on your concept for a specific amount of time.  This will help to eliminate outside distractions and also to not spend too much or too little time generating your concepts.

Keep it real. The most fun I have doing fun videos with our clients is when people are relaxed and comfortable in their role. Being in a video is fun and always a delight when that employee or executive shows off some kind of talent you would have never expected. A script is helpful for guidance, but remember to be flexible which will probably allow for the best takes. 

Sleep on it. Usually my best ideas come the day after a chance for my brain to process through all the creativity. I usually keep a notepad by my side or a document open on my computer that I can quickly add in or edit out details of the project.

The best part of making a video is to see the impact that you can have on everyone who watches it, so have fun! Are you looking for a scary good video for your company or organization? Contact us today!