The Secret to Getting the Most Value Out of Your Media Relations: Repurpose Content


As we all know, you can’t always expect your company’s article to appear in the local newspaper, or for your feature on your product online to be found by your intended target audience. This is where media relations comes into play.

Don’t rely on your target market to find you. Media relations is about pushing the content that you have worked so hard to those who know you, or contacts you hope will know you soon.

shutterstock_83682073When your article, photos or videos are placed online or in print, you need to have a strategy in place to push it out. That is true for your own clients and prospects that may be residing in your CRM system, as well as your social media followers, potential new contacts and stakeholders.

Here’s a scenario. Your employees have various interests. They may be a part of business networking groups or volunteer for local non-profits. They could also be involved in local community groups like the Kiwanis Club, a church or a chamber of commerce. All of these organizations have their own communications channels – and most are looking for content, whether it is presented in a newsletter, as part of a guest speaking opportunity or through other methods.

You can use these channels and even your own employees as a way to get your message – when appropriate – out to an expanded target market.

If you have any questions, contact the experts at MCCI to show you how to combine your company’s marketing with your media relations strategy.