Seeing is Believing


It doesn’t matter if you have a great website, awesome social media or a fantastic blog - if you don’t have videos, you're missing an important "engine" that drives visibility and followers. Video was once a luxury for many organizations, now if you don’t have video you’re missing a HUGE way to reach your audience. Being able to show people what your business is all about - and show your firm's subject mater expertise - is crucial.

Video differentiates companies from their competitors! Plus, the more video content a company has, the more effective search engine optimization is for their website in addition to increasing open rates on its social media platforms.

Fun Stats: Videos can increase the number of business profile clicks by more than 30%, business calls by 18%, website visits by 55%, and incidents of purchase by 24%, according to a report by PR Web. Cisco Systems estimates that 90% of all web traffic will be driven by video by the end of 2013. Cisco also expects video to account for 57% of consumer internet traffic by 2015, nearly 4 times as much traffic as through regular web browsing.

You need to regularly post short videos in order show different, unique aspects of your business. The challenge: it’s hard for firms to budget producing significant numbers of quality videos that will keep an audience’s attention. A number of years ago, MCCI figured out a way to do just that - we basically cracked the cost code - so we’re capable of creating quality videos, at a high volume, for a reasonable cost for our clients.