Show Your True Colors


The moment you say, “trust me” you’re begging the question. You have to show, not tell, in order to prove you’re trustworthy. The equation for a successful business is simple: start first with building authentic friendship - regardless of whether that friendship ever turns into business. Be personally and professionally authentic. Always tell the truth. Never try to manipulate friendship to create revenue. If there's a natural interest in the services and value you provide, then you're free to advance the relationship on the business side of the equation - but always in the context of the personal trust you've built.

Doing business with others who are authentic, honest, friendly and loyal is enjoyable. People do NOT enjoy doing business with others who only care about revenue. And neither should you. Business revenue seems to excel when authentic, long-term relationships are formed. Why? Because the relationships are genuine! If you would do anything to seek out business revenue at all costs, your insincere relationships will eventually cease to exist - and you're violating the trust you've formed with the other party..

MCCI has built itself around quality relationships that stand the test of time, because we demonstrate trustworthiness to each and every single one of our clients through the variety of services we provide and the integrity-centered people that are delivering those services.

Take the time to build connections with businesses and people in your industry. Genuinely listen to what they have to say. Be interested in the person first. That will drive a desire to provide services that are consistent with the authentic, trust-centered relationships you've built.

And that's good for the heart and good for the soul.