Team Spotlight: Michelle Franzen Martin


Today we are recognizing Michelle Franzen Martin, who recently joined the MCCI team. Michelle started her career as a reporter before transitioning into marketing and communications. Find out more about Michelle and her new role as account director at MCCI.

What do you love about MCCI?
I love having the opportunity to work with a team of smart, talented and genuinely nice people who are passionate about the work they do for our clients. Throughout my career, I have held positions both on the agency and the client side of the business, and it’s great being back in an agency again, working with other “seriously creative” people who love what they do. And, of course, I love working downtown again! Detroit has so much energy, and it’s exciting to be a part of it.

What does your role at MCCI entail?
I am an account director at MCCI, leading a variety of accounts and providing our clients with marketing and communications strategy, counsel and support. It’s the perfect blend of creativity and business development. On some days, I might be leading a metrics-driven marketing campaign or a complex program or project, while on others I might be developing media pitches, managing video projects or writing content for print, digital and social.

What previous experience do you have and how do the skills you've learned contribute to your new role?
I began my career as a journalist, working at two suburban dailies, but I have worked in nearly every area of marketing and communications since then. After I left newspapers, I spent five years at a large ad agency doing content marketing (long before anyone ever called it that) and another year at a PR firm before moving into a senior communications role at Wayne State, where I also served as the editor of the university’s magazine. After 10 years at Wayne State, I moved on to a small independent school, where I was the director of marketing and communications. Throughout my career, I also taught journalism and English at several colleges and universities; completed a master’s degree and did Ph.D. coursework; freelanced for local and national publications including both Detroit dailies; and served as a consultant for a wide variety of companies and nonprofits. I am thankful for the wonderful career I have had over the past 20-some years and look forward to using those experiences to grow our clients’ businesses.

What's the most challenging part of your job so far? Most rewarding?
Every day is different at MCCI, and that can be both a challenge but also incredibly rewarding. It’s what I enjoy and what I thrive on.

How do you spend your time outside of the office?
My husband and I have two little boys, so I enjoy spending time with them – traveling with them to places around the country as well as exploring the offerings of our own area. We are always doing something!

What three words would you use to describe yourself and why?
I’m creative and curious, which is probably why I have enjoyed my experiences both in marketing and journalism. But I’m also a doer – I never stop doing things, whether it’s at work or home. There’s always something new to learn or explore.