The Tell All: What You Need to Make a Quality Video


Producing high-quality videos takes more than one person and a good smartphone camera. In fact, sets can vary from small to large, and may involve very many people or just a few. Here at MCCI one day we can be exploring a manufacturing plant and the next we can be in an executive’s office for a teleprompter shoot.  The content for the video and location of the shoot determine what equipment and crew will be needed.

Here are a few examples of what you can expect on set when working with a company like MCCI, keeping in mind that each location and shoot is different:

  • Teleprompter Shoot (a great way to execute an Executive Leadership video)
    • Crew Size – 3-4 people (producer, videographer, teleprompter operator)
    • Equipment – 4 lights, boom microphone, camera, tripod, teleprompter
    • *Setup time for a teleprompter shoot can take up to 2 hours. Usually the location is in an office or on a green screen.
    • Example video result of this style:


  • Telling the Story of your Business or Organization
    • Crew Size – 3 people (producer, videographer, production assistant)
    • Equipment – Full light kit, boom microphone, camera, tripod, slider

(Interviews take place first in a location that shows off the business, and then shooting b-roll follows. Employees will be used as actors during b-roll, be prepared to have the producer create a scenario for employees to act out).



  • On the Racetrack
    • Crew Size – 3 people (producer, videographer, production assistant)
    • Equipment – Lavaliere microphone, camera, tripod, GoPro, reflector (when cars are involved in a shoot, a GoPro will be used to capture more angles inside and out of the car while moving. Allow extra time for cameraman to re-setup the GoPro camera. Being outside requires no lights, expect a reflector disk instead to “bounce” light onto the interview subject).
    • Example video result of this style:

As you can see, every video shoot is different. There’s no “one size fits all” solution. Here at MCCI we pride ourselves on making sure we customize our production based on the vision of the story that we’re trying to tell. Do you have story to tell? Contact us and we can help you translate that to video.