The MCCI Video Process: Client Edition



Here at MCCI we like to make the editing process enjoyable and simple for our client. This begins in the earliest stages of creating a video: pre-production. During pre-production we discuss the look and feel for the video with the client. Additionally we get details on our interviewee and images that will be complementary to the interview.  Doing this preparation not only makes the shoot day run smoothly, but also helps in the editing room.

Finished Product

In the editing room the producer sits down with the editor and relays what the client is looking for, gives their input/suggestions of what footage to use from the shoot and then lets their editor take the wheel. Because all the work was done upfront, the editor is able to dive right in and get to work piecing together the video. The client does not need to re-explain what they are looking for. Once the editor has completed a rough version it is sent to the client for feedback. From there changes are made based on the client’s vision until the final video is ready to be shared with the world.

So that’s how MCCI handles video coordination in a nutshell. If you are interested in any video work feel free to contact us https://www.mcci.local/contact-us/.