Time Management 101


shutterstock_324666926In our fast-paced society not only do you have to work harder, you also have to work smarter if you want to get your tasks done efficiently and on time. This is especially true at MCCI when we are juggling several different tasks at once. As an integrated marketing firm, with many teams that focus on different services, it’s crucial for us to stay on top of our time. Below are some time management tips to make completing your work easier:

1.) Complete your most important projects first: This is the golden rule of time management. Deadlines can easily sneak up on you and it is best to have your larger projects done first. To hold myself accountable, I create a to-do list and update it daily. The feeling of accomplishment is pretty amazing when you cross a task off your list.

2.) Get a head start: If you finish a task earlier than expected, don’t let your newfound extra time go to waste. Get a head start on assignments that are not due for a while. You will be grateful that you did later on.

3.) Learn to say “no”: This is very hard to do because we all want to be that person who swoops in and save the day. However, sometimes you must ask yourself, is that really worth the extra pressure? If you have the extra time to complete these projects, then go for it. Just make sure you have the time to create a great finished product and not just a subpar one.

4.) Slow down. Sometimes we get so caught in the minutia of work and it can wear on you. Though it’s good to stay on top of the time we devote to tasks, it’s better to take things in stride knowing it’s a complete and quality product, rather than moving at a pace you can’t handle.

5.) Make your work fun: Let’s face it, some tasks are not that fun but nonetheless, they need to get done. In between tasks, leave a little buffer room so that you can go and take a breather before you move on to your next assignment. For me, I have a playlist full of music that pumps me up right when I need it; consider finding some ‘white noise’ that helps you focus.

It is very difficult not to take a stop at procrastination station, but you need to stay on the train of productivity in order to meet your deadlines on time and give your client a piece of work that really stands out. Good luck on implementing these tips!