Translating Opinion into Success


Unlike the experience at a museum, where people are meant to stare poetically at a painting, or perhaps contemplate their very existence due to a rather beautiful-looking pear and banana... design is “decision-based” and meant for action. It is the beautiful intersection between hypothesis, psychology, and visual association.

A person might hate the color red. (Blood! Ick!)
But does it make cars stop? Yes!
(Well, most of the time. You know who you are.)

Apple’s sleek brand calls for attention and reeks of money.
But does it correlate to a preferred place of childcare? Nope.

That being said, opinions are still important. You are important. The collection of “why” users enjoy certain colors, activities, means something to designers.

We utilize what we can to solve the intricacies of visual space while working towards the solution to your ‘why’ taking into consideration what we know about human behavior:consideration

  • Opinions: Audience’s personal preferences. Gut decisions influence more than we think.
  • Audience Reactions: Based on experiences, culture, nostalgia, etc. What is it that feels comfortable? How can we access trust?
  • Associations: Like that time in high school when I wore (what I thought was) a really cute sweater and all my friends said I was a donut because it reminded them of dunkin’ donuts. We live and we learn.
  • Hierarchy of information: Is the title that says ‘introduction’ really the most important part on the page? No. Then why is it the largest?

Next, we prototype through what works and why; iterations are a designer’s best friend.

At the end of the day, we are solving puzzles based on your brand’s audience and what’s important to them to ensure your success. Ask us why we took a specific approach and we’ll have an answer (undoubtedly a long-winded one).

It’s our passion and what we’re here for: The design decisions that bring your brand to life.