The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Marketing Videos


If you have a product or a service that you are looking to inform others about what better medium than video.  Video allows a person who has no idea what you do or what your product does to immediately be informed about your organization, product and/or service.  Video can explain the main benefits in a quick and compelling way. So where do you begin? I suggest to start with an outline and eventually this will develop into a script for the creation of the video.  Make sure to do research about your offering and how it is currently marketed in the space you are competing. That way you can show off what makes you unique.

VideoStep 1: Fill out your beginning, middle and end. Even in a one minute video you will still have these elements. The beginning of the video should have the setup, content that will pique your viewer’s interest. The middle will be about what you are selling or what your company provides. The end should be a call to action, in other words how this will improve the life of the consumer and how they can get your product.

Step 2: Incorporate your content to tell your story. Should it be an animated video with voice over? Should it be actors using your product? Should it be your employees speaking about your services? Pick the most attractive way to visually appeal to your audience.

Step 3: Define your target audience. Make sure you know what gender, age group, occupation etc. you need to be appealing to.

Step 4: Revise and have others who are your target audience provide feedback on your script.

Step 5: Make all the necessary changes to your script and then create the video! Keep in mind that it helps to allow for creative flexibility of the production team to make it even better.

Step 6: Ensure that the distribution and promotion of your video achieves what you’ve set out to do. Remember your target audience and how they will naturally be exposed to your video. This means deciding what platforms would be best for your video whether that be your website, social media, TV commercial etc.  or a combination of multiple platforms.

Step 7: Continue to follow and manage your video if you have it on the web and see how it does.  You may need to reconsider where the video lives for better results or change your descriptions to match trending topics.

Here at MCCI we make marketing videos for clients and ourselves regularly. To see one of our very own marketing videos watch the MCCI product video below.