How to Use a Corporate Blog as a PR Tool


Now more than ever, consumers have a voice. The rapid growth of technology we’ve experienced has resulted in quickly-evolving social media channels and nearly instant. Considering the speed at which messages travel, companies have a lot to gain by strengthening communication with stakeholders. One way to do this effectively is to have a corporate blog. Blogs are a cost-efficient way of building trust with stakeholders and creating valuable opportunities. In order to get the most out of your corporate blog, keep these tips in mind:

Include your company culture

why blogBlogs are personable. Posts can humanize your company and strengthen the bond you have with stakeholders. Content should not only help your audience understand your products and services, but also teach them about your company’s culture. While this can come in handy when interacting with those who have a positive view of your company, it’s even more valuable when interacting with those who have had a bad experience. This brings us to our next point…

Respond to questions in a timely manner

After a bad experience, customers may need to resolve certain issues and it's your job to address their needs immediately. The last thing they want to do is call a phone number and be greeted by an automated phone system. For this and other reasons, interactions with customers via blogs must be timely and thorough. (Most likely they will comment on your blog with their concerns.) The customer should be reassured that the issue will be resolved and the steps needed to remedy the situation will be executed quickly.

Keep it conversational, but informative

Can you post your AP-Style-perfect press releases to a certain part of the blog? Absolutely. But should that be the only content you share? Definitely not.

A corporate blog is a great place for company leadership to share their thoughts/expertise and post updates on company happenings. If there’s a new product launching in the coming weeks, a small teaser on the corporate blog can be a powerful way of building anticipation and interest. People love learning about a new product directly from a CEO or VP of product development; doing this is conversational and continues to humanize your company and build trust.

Make it fun!

This sounds simple, but sometimes companies get caught up in the fast pace of business and accidentally leave this part out. Corporate blogs can be entertaining in many ways. Offering contests or product giveaways is one way to make it fun, but so is simply engaging the audience directly. Interacting with your audience can be entertaining for them, and informative for you. It’s one way to learn more about them while also getting valuable feedback on your company.

If you have any questions on how to start or get the most out of your corporate blog, we’re here to help, contact us today!