Videos Increase Your Value and Give You More Bang for Your Buck


Every company has had this thought at one point or another – ‘I’d love to do video but it’s too expensive’… however, that ‘but’ is where you’re wrong. The value of video today is unprecedented, but nowadays the cost of producing high quality video is much more reasonable compared to a decade or two ago.

What are you paying for? The creativity of the videography, great sound, complimentary lighting and a team to develop your editorial content so that your message is portrayed well.

Video is an invaluable investment, providing extraordinary traction for web and social media visitors everywhere.

If you have a series of videos, that alone could even decrease your costs further due to higher efficiency. Frequency is the name of the game - publishing a continuing cadence of real-world videos. That frequency gives the user more "touch points", which increases awareness, while capturing the attention of your audience for a longer period of time.

The bottom line is that video adds value to a brand/company.  If you’re interested in incorporating video in to your business/budget please contact us!