What Does a PR Agency Do?


Businesses need to build relationships to survive. Public relations agencies build those relationships by developing an image that accurately represents the organization’s mission, culture and goals. Public relations is an honest practice that creates transparency between the public and an organization. It’s important to remember that agencies do not “spin” information!

Crafting a message to reach the correct audience starts with research and building an effective strategy. It’s no coincidence that your favorite company’s messaging resonates with you, or that they’re on the 6 o’clock news for making a positive impact in the community. Being featured on the news, in a magazine or in a newspaper is considered “earned” media. Unlike advertising, which is paid for, earned media is free because reporters choose to cover the story.

On any given day, a practitioner at an agency might develop website or social media copy, draft media content, contact news outlets and publications, meet with clients to discuss current goals or work on developing detailed proposals, but each day is different. At a PR agency, there really is no “typical day” because it’s a dynamic environment and client needs may shift at any time, especially if a client encounters a crisis.

During a crisis, agencies often provide counsel and ensure that the public is receiving accurate information as quickly as possible. Transparency is critical because missing information may create an even more challenging situation. Crisis communication is not an everyday need of clients, but it’s one of many ways a client can benefit from working with an agency.

The bottom line is that PR agencies create opportunities and help businesses truly connect with their audiences. At MCCI, we take pride in telling our clients’ stories to create and strengthen that connection as much as possible.