Winners and Losers of Super Bowl 2015 Ads


There was a lot of Super Bowl advertisement hype this year. Some ads really hit the mark and others were well, just off if not way off. Below are some of the winners and losers (in my opinion).shutterstock_110257877


  1. BMW i3 (with Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel). This ad was funny in its “throwback” fashion as well as being understandable… Technology is always changing and BMW’s positions is that it doesn’t have to be scary.
  2. Budweiser. As a dog owner, this one really got to me, as I’m sure it did for dog owners across the country. Using Budweiser’s trademark horses to save the day allowed the audience to have brand recognition immediately.
  3. McDonald’s. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner “Pay with Lovin’” was very fitting. This commercial was a great take on “I’m lovin’ it.”


  1. Discover Card. Was anyone else confused by this goat? The main message of being an informative resource was completely lost post-screaming. There had to be another way to insert humor in a somewhat more relevant way.
  2. Game of War. Don’t get me wrong, I like Kate Upton as she is a fellow Michigander (and she’s lucky to be dating Justin Verlander), but what was she doing in this ad? I have no idea what this game is about, other than… war. Perhaps if Kate had explained the game and then rode off into battle, gamers and potential gamers would have been more intrigued. Can you tell I’m not a gamer?
  3. Valeant. PSA: toe fungus and football aren’t a clever pair.

What were some of your favorite ads from this year’s Super Bowl?