Winter Writing Challenge


shutterstock_141348841Winter blues have you down? Me too; I’ve been contemplating what to do with all this indoor time since it’s too frigid to go outside. I decided my fixation shall be writing. In the world of PR, I write a lot and I’ve found it to be very calming and rewarding – so why not do more of it?!

Here are some ways to write yourself to spring:

  • Research what’s new in AP style. AP style is constantly being refined – make sure you know the latest by getting a hard copy, online subscription or the app. (My favorite recent random update is that “bleu cheese” is no longer correct, it’s “blue cheese” now.)
    • There’s also a Twitter chat coming up on March 3 at 2:30 p.m. EST – monitor #APStyleChat to participate.
  • Write a blog. Find something you’re passionate about and tell your story, or provide tips for others who want to brush up on the skill required to harness said passion. This could be for your company or for personal blog use.
  • Send a letter. Who doesn’t love receiving mail? & When is the last time you sent someone a letter for no particular reason? Writing a letter is an easy, fun and personal way to ‘practice’ writing meanwhile reaching out to someone. Maybe it’s a thank you note to a wonderful colleague…
  • Construct a poem. It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow after all... Use that creativity of yours to be illustrative and paint a picture with your words.

I hope that writing helps you get through the snowy season!