Public & Media Relations

Our goal is to bring ideas to life that inspire lasting relationships between you and your public. Well, we have to first figure out who your ‘public’ is. Based on a tried and true baseline approach, we customize a program to uncover the right audiences for your business goals and then use every resource at our disposal to drive results: sweet, sweet measurable results.

From press release to press prep, and media training to media wrangling, we’ve got the skill, contacts and personnel to help you own the narrative and place your business or association in the best position to succeed – and that means breaking down walls that once existed between traditional methods of company exposure, and more unconventional tactics that may reach a different audience.

So whether it’s actively pitching original stories to social influencers, calling on contacts at top 10 news market outlets, training spokespeople to be better representatives of their organizations, or simply offering counsel and lending advice, you need a Public & Media Relations partner that thinks like the media and frames content that creates ‘stickiness,’ you need MCCI.

Video & Production

It’s no secret that quality video content is a great way to bring your story to life, but as you know, it has to work together with all the other elements of a quality Public & Media Relations campaign. If done right, your new video (or video series) becomes a lasting piece of content that can be used in a myriad of ways.

From concept to pre-production, to shoots and post-production/editing, we’re ready to help you with everything from brand overview videos to crisis coaching and media training.

Social Media & Content Marketing

Consistency. Consistency. Consistency – that’s the key to building a relevant and positive brand story while keeping the trolls at bay.

The introduction (and subsequent rise) of social media has been an amazing tool for breaking down barriers in the mediascape, but as we’ve learned over the years, it requires a surgical approach to both delivering your message as well as responding to criticism. Our Social Media & Content Marketing department is well versed in the art of building, maintaining and improving your brand’s story. Never before has it been so important for your messaging to come from a unified, reliable source trained in the triumphs and pitfalls of social media communications.

But if you decide not to use our social media services, please remember one thing – canned responses to complex issues will almost always lead to public outcry; that’s why we offer crisis management too.

Web Design & Development

What does your website say about you or your brand?
Is it consistent with your desired public perception?

The reality is that your website does as much good, or as much damage, as any part of your Public & Media Relations plan. Having the right partners that understand the full scope of a brand identity is imperative to avoiding potentially disastrous public opinion.

When it comes to Web Design & Development, we believe in balancing UX with design and brand messaging with PR best practices – it’s baked into how we think. Web Design & Development is the art of creating a 24/7 representative of your brand that passes all the heuristics, delivers on your story or message and engages your customers to take action – it would be a shame if that action was harmful to your public’s judgement.

Did we mention we do crisis management too?

They say there are three sides to every story; yours, theirs and the truth.

Well, we’re experts at crafting the truth in compelling and emotional ways that resonate with your target audience. Stickiness doesn’t happen by accident, and a positive lasting reputation requires constant and consistent care over the long haul. Our team of former journalists and seasoned agency pros are experts at finding the hook, finding the human interest and framing content to get the most from each touchpoint.

We understand attention spans, we think in news cycles and we create stories that leave lasting impressions.

We’re here to get you ready for immediate release.

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