Strategy & Consulting

Hope is not a strategy.

Desire, faith and optimism can only get you so far, and you can’t wish upon a star or dream something into existence.

So, where do you start?

Nowadays, strategy is probably the buzzword thrown around the most, yet it’s also the most ill-defined. For our purposes, it should be noted that there are actually two parts to our approach to Strategy & Consulting.

First is brand strategy. Simply put, brand strategy is the process of unearthing your purpose, applying your new-found knowledge to your business practices and establishing an identity that can be marketed in some fashion.

Second is content strategy. Essentially, content strategy is the process of marketing your brand in an effective way to a captive audience. This requires balancing your brand standards and values with the needs and desires of your audience in an effort to inspire action.

When brand strategy and content strategy come together, we are able to create a customized experience full of tactical elements (video, audio, print, digital, social media, guerilla, etc) that exceeds expectations, strengthens brand/customer relationships and delivers on your organizations promise to your customers.

Video & Production

As part of the content strategy, Video & Production can help tell your brand story and effectively communicate your brand message in a way that is unmatched in any other medium. Our video production process begins by identifying your customers’ needs and wants, aligning them with your brand and content strategy, and developing creative concepts that pay off a specific offering in an engaging way. So, from pre-production and shoots, to post-production and editing, our Video & Production service provides high quality content that furthers your brand and helps turn customers into advocates.

Social Media & Content Marketing

One of the most valuable, yet underutilized, forms of brand communication is Social Media & Content Marketing – and it’s not because businesses don’t post. No amount of cat videos and memes will move your brand forward (unless you happen to run a cat blog or veterinary service, in which case, post on).

Social media plays by different rules, and the same brand message that works in a video or a print ad might fail miserably in a social media setting.

Think about why you go to Facebook or twitter, why you go to LinkedIn or Instagram. When you are on social media you are expecting a completely different experience from, say, TV, print or digital advertising.

You can’t slap a TV spot on Facebook, and you can’t just post a print ad to Instagram. It’s important to project your brand correctly while following your strategy and furthering your story – that means understanding each platform and creating content accordingly.

Web Design & Development

What does your website say about you or your brand?
Is it consistent with your desired public perception?
Does it deliver on your story, message and purpose?
Does it pass all the heuristics and engage your customers to take action?
Is it even relevant to your target audience?

If you’re unsure or answered ‘no’ to any of those questions, it might be that your website is there because, “We’re supposed to have a website, so we have a website.”

When it comes to Web Design & Development, we believe in balancing UX with design and brand strategy with content strategy – it’s baked into how we think. Web Design & Development is the art of creating a 24/7 representative of your brand that leads customers from one place to the next, delivers on your brand purpose and gets them to take a desired action.

There are many subtle nuances that go into customizing brand and content strategy, but it all starts with an intensive and (at times) exhaustive discovery phase. This is where we get to know you, your business or organization, the problems you face and where you’d like to see yourself in the future. This is where we do some brand archaeology to get you aligned with a Mission, Vision, Values, and if everyone lives through that process, a tagline, brand identity and foundational messaging – complete with an identified purpose.

Our purpose is opportunity through creativity.
You might ask yourself, “What does that mean?”

The more relevant question is, “What does that mean for my business?”

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