Education - Campaigns that advocate and transform

We have the power to change perceptions in the education sector

Through purpose-driven marketing and communication campaigns, we not only can help you better reach your customers – but we also can transform them into becoming lifelong advocates for your brand.

We do that through a strategic and integrated marketing and communications approach that leverages our expertise in education.

And we take this approach in everything we do. From enrollment marketing for K-12 schools to fundraising communications for universities, we uncover new opportunities that advocate and transform brands.

Ready to transform your brand?

We advocate for our clients’ brands and the communities they serve.

Our award-winning statewide education campaign for Michigan Nonprofit Association communicated important issues related to the U.S. Census – including the impact it has on school lunch and school food programs.
Our Brand Advocacy Portfolio

Michigan Nonprofit Association

Educating and engaging

Our award-winning campaign for Michigan Nonprofit Association used 23 different and distinct media to reach people across the state.

Detroit Water and Sewerage Department

Making complex issues understandable

Strategic communications planning makes the difference, as we wrote in this article published by the Michigan Municipal League.

Michigan Coalition for Advanced Manufacturing

Preparing the state’s workforce

Strategic messaging was key in helping to solve the state’s workforce needs.

Oak Park Schools

Building a brand

Our brand work included a refresh for Oak Park Schools.