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American Rental Association (ARA)

Advancing the equipment and event rental community is the central goal of ARA. As the rental industry continues to evolve, ARA employees and members are working together to build a stronger future for the rental industry.



How do we boost the rental economy?

Rental has the power to solve. In a world full of “That’s mine,” how do we get more people to think about renting and taking advantage of the sharing economy? After all, rental is a billion-dollar industry so there’s plenty to go around. We worked with the American Rental Association to reveal the benefits of the booming rental industry as consumers and the workforce.

our process

Rental can be a helpful resource for anyone

We established two tracks of thought. The first, sharing the benefits of rental by boosting advertising for DIY Party Planners, DIY Homeowners, Professional Contractors and Professional Party Planners. The numbers don’t lie as to how these particular sectors thrive by utilizing rental. The second, creating resources to help build up rental businesses who are members of ARA. Creating resources not only to share about the rental industry on a local level for ARA members, but also to boost workforce for individual rental businesses.

Web Design & Development

Why work in rental?

Showing off the benefits of working for a rental company, we were able to target students, military, women in rental, young professionals and more to consider a career in this amazing industry. This site hosted resources for any ARA Member to use when increasing their workforce as a way of housing amazing collateral for users.

Video Production & Editing

The power to create awesome videos

Our video production team created videos (over 10!) for members to use to boost interest in rental instead of buying. Some targeted the main consumer outlets: DIY homeowners, party planners, DIY homeowners, and professional contractors. While others highlighted the diverse range of rental workers: women, veterans, and young professionals.


Resources for ARA Members

Primarily ARA focuses on boosting up the rental business for their members. Utilizing our team, we were able to produce over 50 downloadable ‘How To’ documents, a range of job description templates, long-format pieces (white papers, brochures, resource guides), and trade show materials all for ARA members to boost their local marketing, workforce development, and advertising.

More Projects of Interest

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