How we communicated the dynamic team culture for a global OEM

Industries: Automotive / Fortune 500

General Motors Customer Care and Aftersales (CCA) is a division of General Motors that supplies replacement parts and automotive services through GM’s network of dealers and other partners in over 100 countries around the world. It also supplies an extensive portfolio of performance, functional, entertainment and appearance automotive accessories for all GM vehicle brands worldwide.

The division is also a leader in GM’s employee training and cultural environments, and it is in this capacity that MCCI has been utilized in delivering internal communications and training services in a variety of service areas.

MCCI was tasked to develop a series of three training videos related to logistics, warehousing and safety; produced in the format of live action, interviews, 3D cartoon animation and 2D graphics. Each video was an individual part of the required employee training protocols.

As a result of successful feedback on the videos, CCA also engaged MCCI to assist with the implementation of an annual educational and cultural campaign that included the overall visual creative, a SharePoint portal website, and a series of several animated videos and poster designs.


Initial results indicated that the success of the program in the first couple of months outpaced the entire previous year’s initiative.