General Motors: Customer Care & Aftersales (CCA)

A division of General Motors that supplies replacement parts and automotive services through GM’s network of dealers and other partners in over 100 countries around the world.



Internal marketing and employee enthusiasm.

Aside from parts and automotive services, CCA also supplies an extensive portfolio of performance, functional, entertainment and appearance automotive accessories for all GM vehicle brands worldwide. While the division is also a leader in General Motors’ employee training and cultural environments, we were challenged in creating additional internal communications and training services to encourage employee engagement and growth.

our process

Yearly campaigns and more.

As a result of successful past creative projects, we assisted with the implementation of two years of annual educational and cultural campaigns that included the overall visual creative, a SharePoint portal website, and a series of several animated videos and poster designs, updated on a monthly basis. The supplementation of these differing platforms lead to successful and highly-motivating movements to present GM’s cultural messaging.

Video Production & Editing

Large screen messaging

Over the years, we have developed multiple training videos related to logistics, warehousing and safety; produced in the format of live action, interviews, 3D cartoon animation and 2D graphics. Each video was an individual part of the required employee training protocols. Additionally, videos on internal marketing and news were developed and shared on GM’s unique tv-screen billboard systems located in plants and corporate buildings.

Marketing & Advertising

Gnomes and individualism

Two years in a row, we came up with intriguing ideas filled with videos, large-scale interactive posters, illustrative infographic pdfs, and more. The campaigns highlighted GM’s corporate culture messaging to encourage employees within CCA to adapt the qualities and thrive within the mission of the company.

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