How we told NOAA's fresh water story

Industries: Government Agency

The Great Lakes possess 95 percent of the country’s surface fresh water supply and provide drinking water to 40 million people in the U.S. and Canada. It’s the largest single supply of fresh water on earth – making the environmental basin uniquely important. NOAA Great Lakes tasked MCCI with helping to tell this story by breaking down its comprehensive scientific data and programs into a succinct and compelling video overview.

In collaboration with the NOAA Great Lakes staff, MCCI’s mission was to translate the organization’s image assets into an easy-to-follow, visually representative story. The ultimate goal was to explain the region’s overall role and responsibilities to citizens in the Great Lakes region, fellow agency staff, to agency administrators in Washington D.C. and to elected officials and their staffs.

No new videography was required for the project, as NOAA provided an extensive supply of images and other visuals. Throughout post-production, MCCI used a scientific approach to reviewing image accuracy to blend those creative elements with NOAA’s mission into a 2½-minute video, completed on time and within the original budget.