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Synovos provides comprehensive and effective MRO supply chain management services that optimize their customers’ inventory, identify usage trends, eliminate duplicates, reduce costs, ease transaction processing and more. They focus on providing solutions that enhance customer value and work thoroughly to find the spare parts their clients need at the right price and on time.



Redefine identity and grow the brand.

A global integrated supply chain asset and technology firm that manages more than $400 million for its clients in Europe, South America, Asia and the Middle East, originally named Storeroom Solutions, wanted a new name and brand. We helped them launch and transition to their new identity, “Synovos” while maintaining their reputation as a leading supply chain management service. They wanted to increase awareness behind their brand, redefine its services and grow their clientele; so we did. We worked with their top executives to develop a new brand identity, website and collateral material while introducing a new company name: Synovos, which means “The New Integration.”

our process

The New Integration.

We developed brand messaging, designed a new corporate logo and launched a new website. We also re-developed the company’s “Synced In” intranet platform, while providing content, media relations, public relations and thought leadership content such as white papers and trend reports. Additionally, we have supported their social media, digital advertising, web updates, video communications and additional print collateral work since with big plans for 2021.


Striving forward in upgrades.

Launching a whole site and updating it again in 2020 to constantly strive for the best improvements, Synovos’ website has been a digital ambassador for its brand. Containing white papers, landing pages from targeted digital campaigns, it’s a responsive website that highlights the very best of the supply chain company.


Continue the conversation.

For years, we have helped strategize, craft and post social media materials for Synovos’ platforms. We create informative content and engaging resources, such as ongoing free webinars, for users to utilize as they get to know the company.


Defining and expanding.

From advertisements in Boy Scout sponsorship, whitepapers, and high-level targeted digital ads, Synovos work has been a mixture of strategies to expand their brand through multiple channels and create a consistent brand approach and voice, setting them apart.


Informative resources.

The video resources are created specifically in a way to inform Synovos’ client base the best way forward in any predicament and why they are the right choice. These are white-board variation educational videos for enjoyment and ease of use for anyone.

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